Inspiring young scholars to contribute their wisdom, compassion, and their personal best in the classroom, the community, and the world.

Daily Health Attestation

Please complete this form in the morning prior to dropping your student off on campus. If you answer “yes” to any of the required questions about symptoms or exposure, please keep your child at home and contact the school for further guidance around when your child can return to school.


Founded in 1995

Located on Vashon Island, WA

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

10:1 Average Student Teacher Ratio

$10,860 – $15,715 Tuition Range

Governed by Board of Trustees

Financial Aid Available


Our guiding principles in our academics, programs and relationships both within our school and in our greater community.


Personal Best






INDIVIDUALIZED LEARNING – Small class size means all students receive individual attention and can develop an individual learning path.
TRAVEL STUDY & OUTDOOR EDUCATION – Students venture outside the classroom and beyond our island. Connecting academic lessons with life experiences cultivates lasting bonds and builds independent thinkers.
GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP – A commitment to promote inclusion, racial equity, and social justice
SERVICE LEARNING – Service to our community and our environment is part of school life and planned into the year.
HANDS-ON THEMATIC UNITS – Students are deeply immersed in every aspect of their learning through subject-integrated thematic units that foster stronger connections between concepts and lasting understanding.
INTEGRATED ARTS – Dedicated arts instruction is part of every child’s education.

The Independent Choice

“Not only did Harbor School give me the academic foundation I needed to succeed in high school, college and beyond, but it also nurtured in me a sense of community and a desire to help the world around me.”

– Sophia, Class of ’01

“I reflect back on my journey as a student and can say with conviction that Harbor School had a profound affect on who I am, what I desire to do with my life, and how prepared I am for the adventure ahead.”   

– Oakley, Class of ’13