Physical Education

Grades K-3

Students engage in a variety of play-based physical activities. Students participate in individual, small and whole group activities aimed at developing gross motor skills, physical fitness, and teamwork. PE class for Carpe Diem takes place at Harbor School. PE class is a fun filled experience that inspires students to run, jump, and laugh together. 

Grades 4-8

Students in grades 4-8 take part in a PE class three times a week with most classes engaging more than one grade level at once. For example, students in 6th grade have one class per week with Upper Elementary, one together with 7th grade and one on their own.

The goal of our PE program is to foster enjoyment of physical activity and play in every student. The PE program provides opportunities for each student to experience success, to develop a range of developmentally appropriate fine and gross motor skills, to participate in a wide range of games, sports and activities and to reflect on their own personal fitness, setting goals and measuring progress along the way.

In addition, PE provides opportunities for character development, allowing students to develop and practice cooperative supportive behaviors in a challenging and physical context.

We strive to have students outside and actively moving as often as possible though from time to time we may utilize an alternative indoor space for PE that allows students to engage in physical activity even when the weather is bad.