Off Island Students


Harbor School welcomes off-island families to our school community. Many West Seattle children and teens commute to Vashon Island every day.

How It Works

Students arrive at the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal and walk-on as a foot passenger on the 7:05AM sailing. They arrive at the Vashon Dock 15-20 minutes later. Students attending Harbor School are picked up in our bus and shuttled directly to campus (less than 5 minutes from the dock). At the end of the day, Harbor School students return to the Vashon Dock by catching the Seattle Metro bus at 3:15PM, directly in front of our campus. They arrive in time for the 3:25PM boat to West Seattle.

For more information about the Washington State Ferries and their route schedules, visit: Washington State Ferries.

What Does It Cost?

West Seattle families can expect to pay a daily fare of $2.95 per youth (age 6-18) for the ferry and $1.50 for the Metro bus in the afternoon. Daily fare is paid at Fauntleroy. No fare is due on the return ride from Vashon. If your child has an ORCA card, the daily fare may be purchased with your card.