Jumping Mouse

Image of outdoor learning

Outdoor Education at Jumping Mouse

One of the most magical experiences for our Kindergarten through 3rd grade students is the journey to JUMPING MOUSE most Friday afternoons. Jumping Mouse takes place in a lovely, private, forested property situated close to the school. Students have time to creatively explore and become stewards of the natural environment. Each child chooses and tends a ‘magic spot’ in the woods. While there are structured activities offered, many students choose to engage in self-directed imaginative play.

Talk to any Carpe Diem alumni who has moved on to high school or college and you will hear fantastical stories with larger-than-life smiles lighting up their faces. Jumping Mouse gives everyone a love for the outdoors and grows one’s imagination in countless ways. It truly is an unforgettable experience – and how fortunate for us to have such a magical spot right here on Vashon!