How to Apply

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We are now accepting applications for the 2021-22 school year

To request an admission packet, please email or download the forms below.

All applicants, please print and complete the following forms:

For grades K-3 in our Carpe Diem program, please print and complete the following forms:

For grades 4 and 5 in Upper Elementary, please print and complete the following form:

For grades 6, 7 and 8 in Middle School, please print and complete the following forms:

After you have completed and submitted an enrollment application and the school has received all requested records, our Admissions Director will schedule your child’s visit day. Visit days are scheduled during the school week so prospective students can join in classes and activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are enrollment decisions made?

Acceptance Letters and enrollment contracts are mailed to applicants by early March. Enrollment contracts must be signed and returned promptly to confirm acceptance. If you are applying after March, please contact our Admissions Director to discuss available spaces for the grade your child would be entering.

Is there a wait pool?

From time to time, we receive more applications than available spaces, which means there are eligible students to whom we are not able to offer admission. These applicants meet our standards but due to space limitations are placed in our wait pool. There is no priority to our wait pool – the applicants are not ranked. Should an opening occur, we evaluate the wait pool candidates and select a child who best fits the needs of the class. An opening can occur any time after March and prior to the start of school. We do not carry over our wait pool from year to year.

Should we re-apply?

If you are not admitted from the wait pool but would still like to be considered for admission during the next academic year, we ask you to re-apply and begin the process again. As a courtesy, a wait pool candidate’s application fee is waived upon re-applying for admission.

Can I apply for the current school year?

If you are interested in applying now for our current school year, please contact our Admissions Director, Niamh Prince, at 206.567.5955 or to learn more about space availability.Open do