Financial Assistance


Your child is seen and heard. Small class sizes ensure that your child is well known and understood by peers and teachers

Your child is challenged. An inspiring team of teachers ensure that your child develops the capacity to ask questions, think critically, and advocate for themselves

Your child is confident. Careful attention to learning and travel outside the classroom, locally, nationally and internationally, ensures that your child has the confidence to tackle unfamiliar situations in the world around them and is curious about the way in which the world works

Your child is compassionate. A strong commitment to service learning and a clear set of Cornerstone Values ensures that your child  is aware of the needs of others in their immediate community and the wider world


Harbor School has been, since its earliest days, committed to keeping our independent school affordable. Over that time, we have provided tuition support in the form of Financial Aid to hundreds of families, ensuring that they were able to enroll their students at Harbor, regardless of their financial circumstances. With the right planning and information, families receive a broad range of needs based Financial Aid awards, and can make an independent education for their children more affordable. More than $140,000 was awarded in Financial Aid awards for 28 students in our current school year.


To keep a Harbor School education affordable for all, the Board determined in 2018 to remove the cap on Financial Aid awards. 

From the 2018-19 school year, Financial Aid awards are made on a need-based sliding scale that balances a family’s need with the financial integrity of the school. We recognize that every family situation is different and that even a small Financial Aid award can make a critical difference.

The first step in realizing a Financial Aid award is to apply through School and Student Services (SSS). This step is part of our admissions and re-enrollment process. An enrollment application for your child must be received prior to financial assistance determination. 

Financial Aid awards are determined anonymously and on a rolling basis by the Finance Committee of the Board. Financial Aid Awards are developed from the recommendations made by SSS upon the completion of the application process. Families are informed of an award as soon as possible.

Families must reapply for Financial Aid awards through SSS and the school’s Finance Committee on an annual basis.

Apply for a Harbor School Financial Aid Award Here

Access the SSS Step by Step Family Guide here!