Cornerstone Values

Students holding plaques

The Cornerstone Values of our school underpin everything we do and represent what we stand for and what we value. These values provide guidance for our actions and behaviors and help structure positive relationships between everyone at school. Cornerstone Values are used by teachers with students as they begin to develop emerging ideas about right and wrong, fairness, justice and how the world works.

They are: Accountability, Compassion, Integrity, Personal Best, Respect and Responsibility. Our cornerstone values help us celebrate all that is good about community and togetherness. By living these values daily, we are able to both honor and value the power of each individual as well as the diversity of our community. These values provide guidance and lessons to all members of our community – our families, faculty, students and staff. They influence our curriculum, govern our actions with each other, and remind us of that to which we aspire. 

COMPASSION is looking beyond our own needs and concerns and having empathy for the experiences and culture of others. 

PERSONAL BEST is pushing ourselves to our limit by embracing tasks and activities that may be in, or out of, our comfort zone. Our focus is on being the best that we can be in relation to ourselves, rather than in comparison to others. 

INTEGRITY is honesty in our relationships with others and with ourselves. Integrity allows us to stand up for our beliefs and to speak and act truthfully. 

ACCOUNTABILITY is recognizing and taking responsibility for one’s actions and decisions, and being answerable to the consequences. 

RESPECT is considering someone’s feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences before acting. Our actions convey respect yet we also feel respect for others as well as feel respected by others. 

RESPONSIBILITY is our duty to act for the benefit of our community but also for society at large, fulfilling our duty to maintain a balance between what is equitable and just for us and for the world in which we live. At Harbor School, our cornerstone values are lived every daythrough class meetings, greetings and messages, team building activities, and intentional modeling. The climate of our classrooms validates students’ feelings and ensures that everyone feels safe and cared for. We are intentional about modeling, nurturing, defining, and praising accomplishments that stem from good effort as well as acts of kindness, citizenship, and caring.