Travel Study

Travel Study

In the Upper Elementary and Middle School grades, TRAVEL STUDY allows us to broaden and enrich our curriculum in ways that a classroom-bound academic program cannot. We aim to put students in situations where they can use the skills they have gained in the classroom: observing, listening, cooperating, and problem-solving, and more. Students gain independence while strengthening relationships with peers and teachers as they work and live together away from their daily routine.

Learning outside the classroom widens our students' views of the world in which they live and makes what they study at school come alive. Those connections between academics and real life can spark an indelible "aha" moment in a child's education and generate a lifelong passion for learning.

Travel Study consists of planned week-long experiences as well as many day excursions throughout the school year. Our week-long adventures include:


Camp Niwana

At the start of the school year, students in grades 4-8 embark on a week at camp on the Olympic Penninsula. This trip brings faculty and students together to get to know each other and start the beginning of school off by forging peer connections and strengthening bonds that will last throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and help out in a variety of capacities!

voyagers week

Voyagers Week Trips

Each March, students embark on a week-long adventure of their choosing. Trips change from year to year based on faculty and student interests. Several trips are designed to appeal to all ages in the Upper Elementary and Middle School, and a few are specifically geared toward our Middle School students. 

View the 2018 Voyagers Week trips here!


class trips

Class Trips

In the Spring, students in grades 4-8 participate in class trips with their classmates. Upper Elementary (grades 4 & 5) is a series of day trips usually with one overnight; whereas grades 6 & 7 embark for a full week, and the 8th graders spend approximately 2 weeks together. Class Trips are usually related to a theme or curriculum unit they have studied during the school year. For example, the 6th grade trip is focused on Southwestern Washington and the study of geology and science. 

SERVICE LEARNING is also integrated into many Travel Study experiences. As our mission inspires students to contribute COMPASSION to the community and world around them, our Travel Study program provides a unique opportunity to see the world through the lens of people and places unlike their island home on Vashon. Through meeting new people, contributing to the community, and encountering the wide world, we are building compassion and understanding for our students that will last a lifetime.